Rules for the N Scale Enthusiast Magazine Classified Ads:

All things on offer in the free classifieds are to be from individual members only.
Dealers and manufacturers are welcome to contact the NSE concerning rates for display advertising. Email Fred Hoxsie.

1. When offering items for sale, please be painfully honest as regards to condition. This will avoid returns and bad feelings down the road.

2. The NSC makes no guarantees concerning the accuracy of the ads on these pages. We offer this as a service only, and have no control over the content of the ads.

3. Each member is allowed to submit one ad for each issue with items for sale priced under $100.00. Remember, this is all for fun. Try to have some!

4. The NSE does offer an independent valuation and escrow service. There is a fee for these services. Inquire if interested. Email Fred Hoxsie.

Magazine Classifieds are free to members.

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