Current NSE Special Runs
Chessie GE Compressor Conrail 2 John Deere Tractors
Chessie GE Prime Mover Conrail Large John Deere Tractor
Chessie Old Time John Deere Norfolk Southern 50' Box Car
  Nashville Cityscape
Reading Blue Mountain & Northern USAX Ammo Sets 1,2,3
Anthracite Coal Sets RJ MOW F-100 Flat Car WHITE
Bethlehem Steel Set 1 -yellow Bethlehem Steel Set 2 - Burgundy
Prince Hoppers USS Hopper Set 2 R/W/B
Dingfelder & Balish Box Set Penn Central Track Bicentennial Car
Peabody Youngstown
Standard Steel United States Steel
Western Pacific Railroad with Loads Sesquicentennial
Music City Express GATX Fire Training Tanker
RJ Corman 41 Ballast Hoppers Freight Master
Navy Tankers RJ Corman Storm Team
T.A.D. Jones PC Bicentennial Inspection Car




Music City Express
Option #1

Reserve now

5 Car Set $ 237.50
Domestic Shipping $ ..11.50
Total $ 248.50
Less Down Payment $.. 10.00
Total Due Later $ 238.50


You will pay balance of $ 238.50 when cars are ready to ship.

Down Payment
non refundable



Music City Express
Option #2

Pay in Full Now

5 Car Set $ 237.50
Special Discount SAVE $ -25.00
Free Domestic Shipping $ ....0.00
Total $ 212.50
Total Due Now $ 212.50


Member price


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