With many new collectors, and the introduction of computer programs that have come and gone, we have compiled a list of Current Reports available to you which can be used as aids in collecting and keeping inventories.

N Scale Reference Guide for Collectors

(formerly Sootsman's)

Compiled by Jack Armstrong of Savannah, Georgia

JUNE "Normally" Full Issue
(currently 600+ numbered pages)

suggested retail price $40.00

  • with original price
  • production date
  • high auction
  • notes
  • blank column for inventory, etc

Micro-Trains + Tabletops + Special Runs + others
Atlas/Kato/Rivirossi Locomotives + most all N-scale brass
Concor Sets and Special Runs
Atlas Freight
Auction List

JUNE (EACH YEAR) Z-Scale, Nn3 and HOn3
urrently 75 pages of freight, locomotives and brass, under separate cover

suggested retail price $15.00

Page Index by description of car (M-T) or manufacturer (loco, etc.)
All listings are numerical within categories

All are printed double sided on 24# paper, 3-ring punched, with heavy colored cover, in a zip type plastic bag. They are available through most major N-scale dealers around the country as listed below.

N-Scale REFERENCE GUIDE Dealer list

Just the Facts

Compiled by Paddington & Wehr

The Reference & Price Guide

Miller's Auction Reference Guide

Compiled by Dennis Miller

This report lists all Micro-Trains® cars and special runs in an easy to follow format. You are able to follow the bidding through the last ten auctions from leading auctioneers. You can see if prices paid are going up or down, average out, and in general, if you are participating in auctions, this report is very valuable tool.

The report is issued quarterly (January, April, July and October). It also contains the highest bid ever received for the item to compare with current status.

This report costs $20.00 per issue, $80.00 per year (4 Issues).

It can be ordered directly from:

Dennis Miller * 6823 East 58th,

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145

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